Emmanuel Katongole

Emmanuel KatongoleEmmanuel Katongole
Co-director, Center for Reconciliation
Divinity School
Duke University

Born in the city of Maloube, Uganda, and educated in the country, Dr. Katongole was ordained as a Roman Catholic priest by the Kampala Archdiocese in 1987. Since his ordination, he has served parishes in Africa, Belgium, and the United States.

Professor Katongole is co-director of the Center of Reconciliation at the Divinity School—a center whose mission is to inspire, form, and support leaders, communities, and congregations to think, feel, and live as ambassadors of reconciliation in a broken world. Katongole’s research interests cover a wide range of issues related to theology and violence especially in Africa. He examines the role of stories in the formation of political identity, the dynamics of social memory, and the nature and role of Christian imagination.

His published works include Beyond Universal Reason; The Relation Between Religion and Ethics in the Work of Stanley Hauerwas (Notre Dame Press, 2000), African Theology Today (Scranton Press, 2002), A Future for Africa (University of Scranton Press, 2005), and more recently, The Sacrifice of Africa: A Political Theory for Africa (Eerdman’s, 2010). Katongole serves on the board of the International Academic Advisory Council of St. Augustine’s College of South Africa.