Speaker Biographies


Text Box: PhotoJohn L. Allen Jr.
Senior Correspondent, National Catholic Reporter
Senior Vatican Analyst, CNN







Text Box: PhotoWilliam A. Barbieri Jr.
Associate Professor, School of Theology and Religious Studies
Director, Religion and Culture Program
Fellow, Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies
The Catholic University of America







Text Box: PhotoMichael Baxter
Visiting Associate Professional Specialist in Theology
University of Notre Dame







Text Box: PhotoLarry Bennett
Professor, Political Science
DePaul University







Text Box: PhotoSarah Carrig Bond
Adjunct Professor, Catholic Studies
Adjunct Professor, History of Art and Architecture
DePaul University







Text Box: PhotoMichael Budde
Senior Research Fellow, Center for World Catholicism and Intercultural Theology
DePaul University







Text Box: PhotoZachary Calo
Associate Professor, Law
Valparaiso University School of Law







Text Box: PhotoPeter Casarella
Conference Organizer
Professor, Catholic Studies Program
Director, Center for World Catholicism and Intercultural Theology
DePaul University







Text Box: PhotoWilliam Cavanaugh
Professor, Catholic Studies
Senior Research Fellow, Center for World Catholicism and Intercultural Theology
DePaul University







Text Box: PhotoCarolyn Chau
Toronto School of Theology
Regis College (Canada)







Text Box: PhotoJohn-Paul Deddens
Executive Director, Students for Life of Illinois







Text Box: PhotoRalph Del Colle
Associate Professor, Theology
Marquette University







Text Box: PhotoWalter Andreas Euler
Professor, Fundamental Theology and Ecumenical Theology
Lecturer, Religious Sciences and Cusanus Research
Director, Institute of Cusanus Research
Faculty of Theology, University of Trier (Germany)







Text Box: PhotoBro. Jeffrey Gros, FSC
President, Society for Pentecostal Studies
Dean, Catholic Institute for Ecumenical Leadership
Distinguished Professor of Ecumenical and Historical Theology
Memphis Theological Seminary







Text Box: PhotoRev James R. Halstead, OSA
Chair and Associate Professor, Religious Studies
DePaul University







Text Box: PhotoLiam Heneghan
Professor, Environmental Science
Co-director, Institute for Nature and Culture
DePaul University







Text Box: PhotoTeresia Hinga
Associate Professor, Religious Studies
Santa Clara University







Text Box: PhotoLinh Hoang
Assistant Professor, Religious Studies
Siena College







Text Box: PhotoMichael Hollerich
Professor, Theology
University of St. Thomas







Text Box: PhotoRev. Claudio Holzer, CS
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Shrine (Melrose Park, IL)







Text Box: Photo Slavica Jakelić
Fellow, Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture
University of Virginia







Text Box: Photo Jaisy Joseph
Harvard Divinity School







Text Box: PhotoEmmanuel Katongole
Co-director, Center for Reconciliation
Divinity School
Duke University







Text Box: PhotoScott Kelley
Assistant Vice President for Vincentian Scholarship
Office of Mission and Values
DePaul University







Text Box: PhotoAbin Kuriakose
College of Commerce
DePaul University
Pastoral Council
St. Thomas Syro-Malabar Catholic Diocese of Chicago







Text Box: PhotoMichael E. Lee
Associate Professor, Systematic Theology
Fordham University







Text Box: Photo Pablo Lazo Briones
Professor and Researcher, Department of Philosophy
Coordinator, Postgraduate Studies in Philosophy
Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico City)







Text Box: PhotoThomas Maier
Assistant Professor, School of Hospitality Leadership
DePaul University







Text Box: PhotoMartin Menke
Professor, History and Government
Rivier College







Text Box: PhotoPaul Louis Metzger
Professor, Christian Theology and Theology of Culture
Director, Institute for the Theology of Culture: New Wine, New Wineskins
Multnomah Biblical Seminary







Text Box: PhotoAnselm K. Min
Dean and Maguire Distinguished Professor of Religion
School of Religion, Claremont Graduate University







Text Box: PhotoDonald W. Mitchell
Professor, Comparative Philosophy
Purdue University







Text Box: PhotoMargaret M. Mitchell
Dean, Divinity School
Professor, New Testament and Early Christian Literature
University of Chicago







Text Box: PhotoMargarita A. Mooney
Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill







Text Box: Photo Rev. Thomas Norris
Professor Emeritus, Systematic Theology
Member, International Theological Commission
St. Patrick's College, Maynooth (Ireland)







Text Box: PhotoThomas O'Brien
Associate Professor, Religious Studies
DePaul University







Text Box: PhotoSiobhan O'Donoghue
Associate Director for Community Service
DePaul University







Text Box: PhotoFarrell O'Gorman
Associate Professor, Catholic Studies and Literature
DePaul University







Text Box: PhotoPaul O'Hara
Chair, Mathematics
Northeastern Illinois University







Text Box: PhotoScott Paeth
Associate Professor, Religious Studies
DePaul University







Text Box: PhotoC.C. Pecknold
Assistant Professor, Historical and Systematic Theology
The Catholic University of America







Text Box: PhotoChristophe Potworowski
Kennedy Smith Chair, Catholic Studies
McGill University (Montreal, Canada)







Text Box: PhotoJudith Povilus
Pontifical Sophia University Institute (Florence, Italy)







Text Box: PhotoBarbara E. Reid, O.P.
Professor, New Testament
Vice President and Academic Dean
Catholic Theological Union







Text Box: PhotoRev. Esequiel Sanchez
Mary Queen of Heaven Catholic Church (Cicero, IL)







Text Box: PhotoDavid L. Schindler
Provost/Dean and Edouard Cardinal Gagnon Professor of Fundamental Theology
Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family
The Catholic University of America







Text Box: PhotoRobert Schreiter, C.PP.S.
Vatican Council II Professor of Theology
Catholic Theological Union







Text Box: PhotoKaren Scott
Chair, Catholic Studies
DePaul University







Text Box: PhotoRev. Dr. J. Jayakiran Sebastian
H. George Anderson Professor of Mission and Cultures
Director, Multicultural Mission Resource Center
Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia







Text Box: PhotoWilliam Storrar
Center for Theological Inquiry







Text Box: PhotoCharles S. Suchar
Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
DePaul University







Text Box: PhotoMarco Tavanti
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Public Service
DePaul University







Text Box: PhotoMaria Voce
The Focolare Movement







Text Box: Photo Graham Ward
Samuel Fergusson Professor of Philosophical Theology and Ethics
Head of the School of Arts, Histories, and Cultures
University of Manchester (England)







Text Box: Photo David Wellman
Associate Professor, Religios Studies
Co-director, Center for Interreligious Engagement
DePaul University







Text Box: Photo C. Vanessa White
Assistant Professor, Spirituality
Director, Augustus Tolton Pastoral Ministry Program
Catholic Theological Union