Catholic Spirituality: A Global Communion
Monday, April 11

The first day of World Catholicism Week is intended primarily for undergraduates. Since its founding in 1907, DePaul University has been blessed with diversity of many sorts. In the Catholic Church, we encounter diversity in many ways—the multiplicity of religious orders, for example, each with a distinct charism and mission. The week begins with a consideration of the wider spiritual, intellectual, and social dimensions of the Catholic global communion. The first part of the day deals with global perspectives on the Catholic intellectual tradition, on peace and reconciliation, and on the Gospel of Life. Afternoon sessions deal with exciting, new approaches to Catholic spirituality found in practices like hospitality and memoir writing, as well as in the voices of distinct members of the Catholic communion such as Latino/a youth, African American saints, and members of the Syro-Malabar rite that has migrated from southern India to Bellwood, Illinois.

The celebration of global spirituality will conclude with a public lecture by Maria Voce, the president of Focolare, a movement of over 100,000 members, mostly Catholic and some non-Catholic. Maria Voce will deliver an address on the vision of unity held by Chiara Lubich, the founder of Focolare. Two very important and internationally recognized Catholic theologians, Fr. Thomas Norris and Dr. David Schindler, will offer their responses to Maria Voce’s lecture.